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The Dirtiest Joke in the World

“The Dirtiest Joke in the World” is a taboo-defying off-color joke that has been told by numerous stand-up comedians since the vaudeville era.

It relates the story of a group of people trying to get an agent to book their stage act, which is revealed to be remarkably vulgar and offensive in nature. It goes as follows:

Seven people walk into a talent agency wanting to perform their act. There’s an old man, a little girl, a transvestite, a lesbian, an activist, a man dressed like a policeman and a black man.

The talent agent asks what the act is, and the old man replies: “First I fuck the little girl. Then the transvestite beats up the lesbian.

Finally, the activist pours gasoline over the cop and sets him on fire and shoots the nigger. We take a bow and leave.”

The talent agent says: “Holy shit! What’s the act called?”

The old man replies: “The Democrats.”

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