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How to become a politically correct white supremacist (in one easy lesson)

There is a difference in the two pictures.

The two white boys raises their heads in pride representing the master race and raise their arms for victory as destined to win and as the natural rulers of the world.

The two black men lower their heads in humbleness serving their country as sportsmen just as the their black brothers serving the army as soldiers representing a system that still leave them as second-rate citizens in a society too deeply penetrated by the roots of slavery and racism for time and struggle to erode.

They raise their black fists in solidarity.. It’s not the same thing.


It’s the same thing. White supremacy is white supremacy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s labelled Ku Klux Klan or Black Lives Matter. Jim Crow is a funny fellow.

He sings and dances, and he can jump. But he isn’t white, as every Southern Democrat knows.

He’s a noble savage. He doesn’t need an education.

As (critical) race theories tell us, he doesn’t “worship the written word” (he can’t read), he’s not an “individualist” (look how easily he is persuaded to become part of the white mob burning down his neighborhood), and he’s not “objective”. He doesn’t understand science or the justice system (he’s a GANGSTA – he can’t speak English either – it’s not just the white music business portraying him that way).

There’s no way that he can compete in a white society with its systemic racism. Don’t even try!

Stay on the plantation! Now don’t you get uppity with me, boy!

People should be judged by the color of their skin, not by the content of their character. That’s why we can’t have a colorblind president like Donald Trump, creating jobs for black people.

Black people should have their own schools and universities – no more of that bussing stuff! Segregation is for these people’s own good.

That’s not apartheid! That’s critical race theory.

But don’t you worry! You may be a racist, but at least you’re a politically correct one.


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