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The Killers

D: Robert Siodmak C: Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner, Edmond O’Brien

“Why did you ever go back to him, Kitty?” “Maybe because I hate him – I’m poison, Swede, to myself and everybody around me! I’d be afraid to go with anyone I love for the harm I do to them! I don’t care harming him!” No, it’s not a story about hitmen. They’re in the story, but the victim is so obliging that it borders on suicide. No, my friend, the real killers are the people in his life, who let him down, especially a dame (she done him wrong). Lancaster, a prizefighter, who can’t fight anymore, gets mixed up with a gang, and a moll, who makes him betray them, making him a marked man, then makes off with the loot. You see, she never really loved sweet lovable thick-as-a brick glutton-for-punishment Burt, but only the gang’s ruthless boss (women are like that, you know). Basically HE WHO GETS SLAPPED with sound and lots of flashbacks. “What’ll it be, gentlemen?” “I don’t know. What do you want to eat, Al?” “I don’t know what I want to eat.” “I’ll have the roast pork tenderloin with apple sauce and mashed potatoes.” “That’s not ready yet.” “Then what’s it on the card for?” “Well, that’s on the dinner. You can have that at six o’clock. That clock is ten minutes fast. The dinner isn’t ready yet.” “Never mind the clock. What have you got to eat?” “Well, I can give you any kind of sandwiches: bacon and eggs, liver and bacon, ham and eggs, steak …” “I’ll have the chicken croquettes with the cream sauce and the green peas and the mashed potatoes.” “That’s on the dinner too.” Riveting.

HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION IN THE CINEMA BEFORE 1980 II kan nu købes (uden forudbestilling) fra d. 18. oktober 2021!

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