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La endemoniada


D: Amando de Ossorio C: Julian Mateos, Marian Salgado, Lone Fleming

This is a movie that demonstrates what THE EXORCIST (1973) could have been, if the filmmakers had aimed for something more than cheap exploitation. Among several points made is the willingness of the “scientist” to accept any explanation that does not involve the supernatural – even “racial memory! Clearly, however, it has bigger fish to fry. In America, where the church has very limited power, it hardly ever comes under scrutiny, except regarding the pedophiliac activities of its priests. Not so in Catholic countries, where there’s often more of a hint of écrasez l’infâme, especially in the horror genre, as opposed to the comic book version in Friedkin’s travesty. Amando de Ossorio begins by taking the fairy tale witch of the Malleus on face value, pilfering church paraphernalia and sacrificing babies. Against this fictional evil he then counterpoints the very real evil of the young man escaping into the priesthood to avoid committing to the woman, who loves him, causing her to commit suicide. This is what the Regan of this superior version confronts him with – admittedly less innocuous than “your mother sucks cocks in hell”!

HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION IN THE CINEMA BEFORE 1980 II kan nu købes (uden forudbestilling)!

Bogen koster 500 kr. og kan bestilles via forlagets bestillingsformular:

Vi giver fri fragt på køb af bogen (med forsendelse til danske postadresser) til og med 5. november.

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