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Fides diurnalis

Det skal indrømmes, at den kapitalejede presse har været uhyre loyal over for Jussie Smollett.

– I don’t like that it’s being put out there in the media that this is a possible hate crime.

– A lot of questions in this case, but I know Jussie Smollett is a really, really good guy. I just want justice to be served in this case.

– The media has really cast so much doubt on his story, which I find so personally offensive.

– He’s given a detailed account, an account that Chicago police have said has been consistent. He hasn’t changed his story. They also said it’s credible. Police have said that and also that he has been very cooperative.

Nu er han så blevet dømt, og igen har pressen været uhyre konsistent i sin reaktion.

– Jussie who? Never heard of him.

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