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Bag jerntæppet

”Rusland kan have ramt et nyt lavpunkt. Højesteret lukker den ældste menneskeretsorganisation International Memorial, der blev erklæret ’fremmed agent’ i 2016. Loven om fremmedagenter trækker tråde til politiske forfølgelser under sovjettiden.”

Hvordan kan nogen leve under et sådant diktatur? I den sande journalistiske ånd har vi spurgt en russer.

”Freedom! Freedom from hypocrisy, from political correctness, from LGBT on the streets and in news, from enforced multiculturalism and immigrants from who knows where, from mass-media and Hollywood that destroy society and families. Also, more freedom at work as Russians care more about results and less about hours. Elementary freedom to say what you think about anything, including not just politics but also everyday life and work. Western people, especially Canadians and a bit less Americans are permanently polite and scared to do or to say something wrong, so they just show you their 32-teeth they call smiles and avoid any potentially dangerous conversations. In Russia we are free to communicate with females, in America and many other Western countries any Jennifer can send you to jail for nothing if she has enough of artistic talent.

When I lived in Chicago I saw how whites are afraid of blacks, they would drive 12 hours just to avoid intercity bus station and buses used by blacks. They also would never go to certain places populated by blacks. They are not free in their own cities, what a shame, and yet they teach other countries how to live, this is simply ridiculous. We also have bad places in Russia but no such terrible segregation of course.

In Russia people have much more democracy and political freedom for sure. Much higher percentage of population in Russia enjoys living with leader they like who is protecting values that our majority likes. In Western countries people usually have choice between two or three more or less disgusting candidates and each of them will have some kind of BS in their basket: you want more social justice, OK, then you also will get LGBT; you want less LGBT, OK, then you will get no free medicine and so on. So basically Western system gradually bends Western people into something desirable for Western elite which controls mass-media. As for Putin, he really tries to do what most people like and hence his approval rate is much higher than any Western politician can have. And Russians therefore are less oppressed and cheated by politicians. Also, unlike most Western countries, Russia is free from US dictatorship and enforced ideology. We do what we think is the best for us, not for US.

So, basically, freedom and common sense are the best things in Russia. Plus families, friends and women of course. And our president who is protecting our country and our values (I mean values of majority) and suppressing aggressive and annoying minorities like LGBT, radical muslims, Russian nationalists, still not immigrated liberals etc.”

Hører jeg nogen råbe: “Go back to Russia, you goddamn commie!”? Måske skulle man overveje det.

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