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Proletarer i alle lande, foren jer!

Hispanics want jobs and opportunities. They don’t want dependency on government and handouts.

They want you to educate their kids. They don’t want you to turn them into activists.

They want their kids to go to church. They don’t want them to go to drag shows.

They want their neighborhoods safe. They love rule of law.

That’s why so many of them left Latin America where things were out of control and there was no law and order. They want control at the border, in their neighborhoods, in the cities, in the bodegas.

Hispanic women do not want to kill their babies. They just want to be able to afford their families.

These policies aren’t working. Hispanics are woken up.

They’re not woke, but they’re woken up. And Democrats are paying a price for this.


Demokraternes racesvindel er slået fejl. Og Trumps drøm om en solidarisk arbejderklasse er gået i opfyldelse.

Det vil næppe ske her. De såkaldt venstreorienterede er nemlig ikke længere Internationale.

Hvis de er socialister, er de i det mindste NATIONALE socialister. Det var som bekendt det, der førte til vores sidste krig mod russerne i 1941.

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