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Democracy on the ballot

Joe Biden har holdt en tale. ”Republicans aim to question not only the legitimacy of past elections, but elections being held now and into the future.” I wonder why.

”They’ve emboldened violence and intimidation of voters and election officials.” Det må man sige: Antifa, Black Lives Matter, LGBT.

”And I want to be very clear, this is not about me, it’s about all of us. It’s about what makes America America.

It’s about the durability of our democracy. For democracies are more than a form of government.

They’re a way of being, a way of seeing the world, a way that defines who we are, what we believe, why we do what we do. Democracy is simply that fundamental.”

Demokrati er Crimestop, og Crimestop er, med Orwells ord, ”the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction.

Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity”. Kun voldelige transfober benægter, at mænd kan blive gravide.

”Democracy means the rule of the people, not the rule of monarchs or the moneyed, but the rule of the people.” Som Donald Trump har udtrykt det.

”Autocracy is the opposite of democracy. It means the rule of one, one person, one interest, one ideology, one party.”

Joe Biden, the Biden Family, Fascism, the Democratic Party. ”To state the obvious.”

”What we’re doing now is going to determine whether democracy will long endure and, in my view, is the biggest of questions, whether the American system that prizes the individual bends toward justice and depends on the rule of law, whether that system will prevail. This is the struggle we’re now in, a struggle for democracy, a struggle for decency and dignity, a struggle for prosperity and progress, a struggle for the very soul of America itself.” Precisely.

Frygten for valgsvindel er ikke den eneste, der plager det amerikanske folk i disse dage, som the National Review bemærker.

”Schadenfreude notwithstanding, I must confess that there is a part of me that is absolutely dreading hearing what Biden attempts to say next week if his party struggles in the midterm elections. If, a week out, democracy is contingent upon the Democrats winning, what on earth is the president going to claim if they’ve lost big?”

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