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USA har et nazi-problem

Ligesom sin allierede Ukraine har USA et nazi-problem. Det republikanske kongresmedlem Kenneth Robert Buck udtrykker det ganske præcist.

”There is a disturbing pattern we’ve seen throughout history with totalitarian systems of government. The leaders first seek to disarm the population.

Then they encourage goon squads to suppress opposing voices. And finally, once they have disarmed and silenced the opposition, these authoritarian leaders institute policies that root out and crush freedom in every form.

Unfortunately, the Democrats have been infected with the same totalitarian desire to remove firearms and silence opposing views as part of a campaign to achieve their political ends. We’ve seen this scenario play out in every major Democrat-run city in America. Progressive leaders push to disarm law abiding Americans to further their influence while watching the crime rates soar.

Now, the Democrats are actively cheering as its fascist militia Antifa rages in the streets. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization that hijacks peaceful rallies, organizes armed riots, attacks peaceful protesters, burns buildings, loot stores, and spreads hate.

As a result we’ve seen 61 straight nights of violence in Portland. Antifa’s fascist totalitarian activities are now oozing into other Democrat-run cities.

Last Sunday, Antifa launched a violent assault on a peaceful pro police demonstration in Denver, Colorado. These are 20 and 30-year-old thugs assaulting 50, 60, 70 and even 80-year-old Americans who only wanted to show their support for law enforcement.

What’s worse, Denver’s cowardly liberal leadership ordered police to retreat once they saw members of Antifa entering the fray. A Denver police detective Nick Rogers apologized for this terrible decision.

Detective Roger summed it up best in a recent radio interview, quote, I’m sorry on behalf of the rank and file, that’s not us. That’s not who we are. It just kills me that we let good people down.

He continued, I found out that a retreat order was given by the incident commander and we had one lieutenant step up and say, we aren’t leaving. This Lieutenant said these people are going to get killed if we don’t stay.

So he kept his people there. That’s the reason this thing didn’t get worse, end of quote.”

Spørgsmålet er, hvad der kan gøres ved det, nu hvor Republikanerne har overtaget kontrollen med kongressen. En majoritet med Donald Trump i spidsen støtter samarbejdspolitikeren Kevin McCarthy som Speaker of the House.

Andre kræver et retsopgør. Dermed bidrager de til den splittelse, der altid har været Demokraternes vigtigste våben.

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