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Apocalypse Now

The decision by Germany, the United States, and others to send main battle tanks to Ukraine has gone further than many thought realistic just months ago.

Western nations, showcasing unity and wanting to head off a renewed Russian offensive, have cast aside fears that more advanced weaponry risked provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin.

With tanks checked off the list, Ukrainian leaders have renewed their public appeals for Western fighter jets.

Hvorfor ikke atomvåben med det samme? Det vil spare en masse tid.

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  1. Jan Jan

    German tanks burns the same as Ukrainian tanks. Ukraine har allerede brugt de omkring 6-700 tanks som blev doneret af NATO i 2022. Brugt, væk – plus deres egne 1200 tanks i starten af 2022. Der er heller ikke denne gane et ‘wunderwaffe’ som vil redde ‘riget’.

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