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Protect the enviromment!

Ten days ago, a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. That’s about 50 minutes outside Pittsburgh. Apparently, there was some kind of mechanical failure. We still don’t have details on what that failure was. Of course, we don’t. We do know about 50 cars derailed. At least 10 of them were carrying thousands of gallons of highly dangerous chemicals, including funnel chloride, which causes cancer.

So, then a representative from the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, arrived to restore calm. Yes, an EPA spokesman explained chemicals from the derailed train did enter the local watershed and yes, they did kill fish, but the drinking water supply remains totally safe. The fish are dead, but go ahead and fill your thermos and brew some coffee. Everything is fine.

Now, we don’t know if the locals in East Palestine are drinking the water tonight, but we can tell you the Biden administration doesn’t seem too concerned about it either way. Donald Trump got over 71% of the vote in the county in the last presidential election.

They’re not our voters and by the way, what does a chemical spill have to do with climate change? If you can’t use it to sell solar panels, it’s not really an environmental disaster.

Pete Buttigieg is the official who’s supposed to be in charge of our transportation infrastructure. At an appearance today, he seemed to have no idea that there was a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. His real concern, he explained, is that we have too many damn White construction workers in this country.


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